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🎯 Education in Thailand

🎯 Internship Program in Thai Hotel

🎯 Job Opportunity at Thai Hotel

🎯 Cruise Ship Job Opportunity

🎯 Welcome Foreign Students


✨ Maru CHOT School, 240hrs Food & Beverage Service International Program ✨


👍 Internship and Job Opportunity, Education in Thailand is one of the top destinations you want to explore with friendly local people, food obsessed, historic and cultured.  Enrolling our Maru CHOT School 240hrs Food & Beverage Service International Program. Our English Learning Course is under the supervision of the Ministry of Education.


🎯 Interested in applying to study? and ask for more details

☎️ Call: 097-159-7447

☎️ Call: 097-053-1846

☎️ Call: 095-197-5288 or Please contact in messenger, Mr. Edward Garzon, Assistant Principal of Maru CHOT School

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