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Shinkansen Project 2022 

Shinkansen Project 2022

Intensive course! Shinkansen Project for people working on cruise ships and hotels.

*** Reserve, pay, complete ***

Special program for express trains! Tuition fee 39,000 baht, can be paid in 4 installments (only for the year 2022)

Apply now!!! Limited to 10 people per model only.

Target to cruise line 8 models (total 80 people or until the number is complete)

Open for classes every first Monday of the month 
Next round  Aug 1 / Sept. 5 / Oct. 3 


*** Eligibility for applicants to join the preliminary project ***

Bachelor's degree. 3, M. 6, Vocational Certificate, Vocational Certificate, Bachelor's degree

Age 20 - 33

all genders


Book an application for only 4,000 baht.

Register at


“Good income, money saved, and free travel around the world”


Maru CHOT, We are Cruise and Hotel Vocational Training Center and was permitted to establish a private non-formal school under the supervision of Office of the Private Education Commission Ministry of Education License number Kor.22/2564


You can trust!!! In the past, all students who graduated from our school applied for a job and got a 100% job.


Confirm… get the job for sure!

if you are determined Develop the qualifications to meet the requirements and meet the criteria of each company. In the case of exams and interviews and there are problems not go through anything Come back and review for free. until you get a job


For those who dream of working We would like to be a part of pushing together. "Make your dreams come true"


*** Project Objectives ***

To enhance knowledge of food and beverage service and develop English communication skills for service

In addition to learning The "90 Hour Cruise Food and Beverage Service Staff Course" (or 15 days) students are encouraged to develop their listening, speaking, reading skills and include a focus on their ability to use English for Service and practice taking the Marlins Test


This special intensive program Suitable for those who want to develop themselves seriously, urgently and have the determination to apply for a job to further their career path. By studying with experienced instructors and teaching service on a real cruise ship.


Our blended learning activities for professional skills development or an intensive course for those in a hurry. To meet the high demand for cruise ship companies and hotel jobs so that students who want to go to work Can be used for interviews and real careers


(This course is not suitable for people who are inattentive, insensitive, impatient, do not have time to study and do not have time to practice for themselves.)


Compared to general courses The uniqueness of this course is:

* More intense study schedule (6 days study/week)

* More speaking and listening practice and is tested every 2-3 days

* There are additional activities on Saturdays. Choose to learn with a specialist in wine, bar and barista for free once (classes 10:00 - 16:30)


*** Course details ****

* In the program, students will study Food and Beverage Service (F&B) 90 hrs.

* Study English tutoring for 30 hours for use in service and to take the marine test

* 1 Day Workshop Barista or Sommelier or Bartender (Choose 1 Workshop)

* Number of study hours per week Monday-Friday and Saturday or Sunday, 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (6 days a week)

* Suitable for those who have limited study time and is determined to go to work on a cruise ship or work in a hotel to keep the experience further (In case the English language is not yet up to the criteria)

* Students' potential will be assessed at the outset. and help set a career path for everyone



*** Important points, recommendations for career paths (Road Map) ***

* For those who have a beginner to intermediate level of English language skills (according to school screening results) should also require commitment, effort and additional time to study on your own. Suitable for those who aim to work in 4-5 star hotels first to collect work experience and add 1-2 years of English language skills and then apply for work on 3-5 star cruise ships.


* For those whose English language and other screening scores are high (screening score of 80% or higher), it is recommended for those who will be able to head to cruises soon after the program.


*** Other details ***

* Interactive teaching and watch video with illustrations Help the class to be more efficient.

* Each day has 50 minutes lunch break and 20 minutes evening break.

* Suitable for those who are willing Really determined to work on a cruise ship or a hotel service.

* Completion of the course will receive a certificate according to the 90 hrs. Cruise Food and Beverage Service Staff course and 1 Marlins test certificate (Test Result Approved Certification).

* Applicants must have a service mind and a positive mindset.

* In the case of applying as a couple, you will receive 1 month of free accommodation.

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