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1 Day Barista Workshop

1 Day  Barista Workshop

1 day activities that will make you learn to be a barista, working in a cafe, coffee shop Learn basic theories and take action. For you to understand the basics of coffee making and latte art.

In the activities include 

1. Get to know the barista profession.

2. Each coffee bean Type and level of roasting

3. Coffee making equipment

4. Learn how to properly stream milk and many different techniques.

5. Making Latte Art 

6. Making coffee, both hot menu, cold menu and blended

7. At the end of the activity, a certificate is given. 

Learn with professional speakers professional barista and those who have experience working on cruise ships experienced Rotating rotation to educate participants in each round 

Workshop every Saturday at  1st and 3rd of the month 

or inquire at 097-1597447 

Line OA : @maruchot

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