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International Program |  Food & Beverage Service 240 hrs Course, Education in Thailand (RV 13 Jan 2024)

Education in Thailand is one of the top destinations you want to explore with friendly local people and food-obsessed, historic and cultured. Enrolling our Maru CHOT School International Program, Food & Beverage Service Learning Course. The 3months program will grant you the Non-Immigrant ED Visa. 
For many people , whether foreigners or Thai people . Studying abroad It can be a beneficial experience and may be a “turning point” in your life. Because eventhough your life path will remain the same But your attitude will change completely. You will have a different perspective. 
See details on the side of things that you might not have noticed before. If you are another person who dreams of going out and exploring the wide world. Go out and find new experiences abroad or have friends who are foreigners wanting to study in Thailand, this article will provide advice on the student visa application process for foreigners. Required documents to various requirements and rules for applying for a visa.
Imagine going to school all week and using the holidays to visit interesting new places abroad. It would be really fun and exciting, right?  This is the main reason for the decision of many foreigners to study in Thailand. Because Thailand is one of the countries with the most economic strength in Southeast Asia. And changes are happening quickly. The cost of living is cheap. Plus, Thai people are friendly and ready to welcome foreigners with warmth. Foreigners who want to study in Thailand How do I prepare? 
Our experienced professional tutors have helped more than hundreds of Thais and Foreigners learn English and Food & Beverage Service Program, and look forward to helping you too. 
Studying in Thailand can often surprise foreigners because the country has a unique tradition and culture. Foreigners, in the begining may find difficulty in adapting to “Being Thai” was difficult in the beginning. Moreover, Thai people have a peaceful nature and do not like arguments. But living in Thailand for foreigners is not as difficult as it seems. Because most Thai people can read English. It's just that sometimes they're hesitant to start a conversation with you first. Because English is not the national language of Thailand. Learning a few short, easy Thai sentences can help break down the language barrier between you and Thai people. Including receiving smiles from them as well. 
Another equally important thing that foreigners need to know is living standards in Thailand are different from those in foreign countries eventhough Thailand is very international. Which provinces that foreigners choose to live in for further studies? It may affect comfort because some provinces still do not have the same facilities as the capital, Bangkok.
When considering these above information. Thailand is considered a suitable country for further study because it is a place:
* There is beautiful nature.
* There are many world-famous beaches waiting for you to experience.
* Many delicious dishes to try such as papaya salad, tom yum goong, and coconut milk curry with crab.
* A wonderful experience that you will never forget for a lifetime.
In addition, Thailand's international airports also give you the opportunity to travel to other nearby countries such as Bali, Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore or even Hong Kong!
But before you come to Thailand as a International student, You need to have a student visa first.
For foreigners interested in studying English Program in Thailand and need to apply for a student visa. 
Maru CHOT School may suggest you to take English Course of a Food & Beverage Service 240hrs International Program and can apply for an ED VISA only if you do not hold British, American, Australian, etc. citizenship or are not from a country where English is the national language.
Application process:
If you have decided to enroll with Maru CHOT School. The following will provide guidelines and steps to take based on your current address.You must prepare the following documents for us.
A) If you are in Thailand:
To apply to study at Maru CHOT School, please prepare the following documents:
1. Deposit of 50% (40,000bht) of the registration fee of the registered course. (Payment can be made by cash, debit card and credit card) and prepare the following documents:
* Applicant's passport
* 12 of 2-inch photographs (collared shirts) with a white background
* Rental contract (condo, apartment, house) or proof of address by ownership
2. Maru CHOT School will submit documents to request a student visa certificate at the Thai Education MinIstry. (It takes about 20-30 working days to process)
3. After Maru CHOT School has given the applicants documents for visa application. Applicants can take the documents to apply for a student visa at the Thai Immigration Office.
Note: Immigration Officer may refuse student visa applications depending on the policies and requirements of that country. Please check more information from the school advice form XX.
The following countries are only required to apply for a student visa at home: India, China, Middle East countries. and some countries from the African continent
If the applicant is from one of these countries, the school is required to request additional documents in English and certified translations as follows:
* Evidence of criminal background check from the Royal Thai Police
* Statement from the bank to show that the applicant is able to bear their own expenses in Thailand.
* educational record (Certificate and/or Degree)
Student Applicants will be issued a Temporary Residence – Education or non ED visa for educational purposes. This type of visa is valid for 90 days and students can extend their visa for 90 days at a time at the Immigration Office (fee 1,900 baht). If students wish to extend their student visa, please contact the school officer.
B) If the student applicant is not in Thailand:
Please check with the Thai Embassy in your country regarding additional required documents. If you wish to apply for a non-ED visa before entering Thailand, the following documents will be required:
1. You must enroll in a Food & Beverage Service 240hrs International Program and meet the requirements of a Thai student visa in all respects.
2. The school will then send a application form for applicants to fill out and need education background documents return to the school email first.
3. Certified copy of passport. Photocopy all pages of the passport with the applicant's stamp and signature – please sign in the space provided and scan and send to the school email.
4. Scan a 2-inch photo with a white background (collared shirt) and send it to the school email.
5. If the qualification of being student is accepted, the School will ask you to pay the deposit at least 50% or 40,000bht of the tuition course in which you are enrolled or the full amount of the entire academic program.
6. Application to study with Maru CHOT School with the applicant's signature and proof of the deposit tuition course to the school will send to Royal Thai Police for criminal background check.
When the school has received complete documents. The school will prepare documents to request a letter of recommendation from the Education Ministry. Normally it take about about 20-30 working days.
Then the school will mail all documents to the student applicant to apply for a visa at the Thai Embassy in the applicant's country and must attach a 2-inch photograph to the Thai Embassy or Consulate in your country. 
Please noted that the time for sending documents to the student applicants is approximately 10 business days which will depend on the receiving location, destination and when the school sends the documents to the applicant. (There will be a postage fee and admin cost of approximately 5,000 baht which will be absorbed).
Once you start they will always be available to offer extra support if you need it, and more than happy to answer any questions you have. 
You can contact us through our School LineOA as well:

Application Form for
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