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2022 Internship in Japan 

Recruiting short-term Internship students to Japan, year 2022

(for SME hotels, ryokan and guesthouse businesses)

Maru CHOT and Nakayama Agency reached a cooperation agreement (MOU) to promote Thai students/students. to go on an internship in Japan 


Enrollment starts from June 1, 1965 onwards.
Limited to 20 people

Limited to 6-8 people/model

Student Must attend special training courses For preparation for internship in Japan  as specified by the school  
Course fee 39,000 baht  

Job format :

Short-term internship, approximately 4-6 months, suitable for college students Faculty of Surfing and Hospitality, Faculty of Food and Beverage Services, and Faculty of Foreign Languages (There is also Japanese as an advantage)

Business type internship :

Food and beverage business, tourism and hotel business


Allowance during internship:

At least 60,000 - 80,000 yen/month or about 16,000 - 22,000 baht/month (100 yen : 28 baht)

It depends on the abilities of each person. This internship allowance rate will be known after the course has been completed and assessed by Maru CHOT only.

Hours of Internship :

5.5 days a week or internship within 4 weeks with 6 days break

with 8 hours of work per day


welfare benefit:

The Japanese company agency will take care of you throughout the internship period.

- Free accommodation during the internship period

- Take care of 3 meals / day (even on holidays)

- Assist in coordinating in finding trainees and preparing documents for processing the Japanese side visa

- Insurance and accidents during the internship

- Pick up and drop off at the airport with the trainee

- There are additional activities or take a tour of various tourist attractions according to the season



For students who have goals after graduation and will go to work in a hotel abroad or will work on a cruise ship By focusing only on students who are studying in college and have a unit to study for internships only. Applicants to the program will learn more about the work they enjoy. In addition to regular college studies

Applicants to join the program must study extra and prepare more at the Maru CHOT institute before traveling with the following contents:

1. Knowledge in food and beverage service

2. Understanding Japanese culture and

3. Basic English or Japanese


And good news!!! For some, there may be an opportunity to accept employment in Japan after completing an internship in the future. And the results of an internship in Japan can also be used to add positive qualifications to make a cruise ship job easier for sure.


Enrollment starts from June 2022 onwards. Limited number of 20 people. First generation target to Japan, September 2022.

Note: After completing 3 months of internship, the allowance will cover the cost of return airfares, health insurance, taxes and tuition. (It helps the allowance to be higher) that students invest. Very worthwhile because after completing the internship for 6 months, the money will be more than 5-6 thousand baht to take home, of course), plus there are many opportunities for employment in both cruise ships and Japanese hotels.


If interested, ask for information. To register for classes at

Tel: (097)159-7447


Line: @maruchot