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Food & Beverage

Service Course for Foreigner Student 

Curriculum Fee 68,000 Baht

(or 2,250 USD)

Food & Beverage Service (Full Course) 240 hours 

Student will be training about 6 subjects as followings,  

1. Basic English
2. English for Hospitality

3. Restaurant Service

4. Bar Service

5. Barista Coffee Service
6. Wine Service

After student complete Theory & Practice 240 hours at school, they will be sending to train as intern in 4-5 Star Hotel in Thailand for 4-6 months. 

During Internship program, student will get benefit and welfare from Hotel such as 2-3 Meal/Day, Uniform, Dormitory, Intern Wage and other as follow hotel's policy. 

"You determined, We encourage" 

Interested please contact 

Call : +669-7159-7447 

Line OA : @maruchot

Email :  

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