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Register for Scholarship /
Register for the scholarship exam 

Registration is open between 15-19 March 2022 only.

Please fill out the information for registration for the scholarship exam.

You are committed, we are ready to push.

Thanks for registering!

ดาวน์โหลดใบสมัครสอบชิงทุนการศึกษาปี 2567

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Qualifications for the scholarship recipient

1. Male, Female or LGBTQ

2. High school qualification or higher

3. Age 19 - 35 years

4. Height Male 155 cm. / Female 150 cm. or more

5. No serious congenital disease and no criminal record

6. A person who is determined to go to work on a cruise ship but lacks financial resources.

7. If English proficiency is at a fair level, TOEIC score of 450 or higher, or Marlins Test score of 70% or higher (positive consideration)

8. If a person who has worked in the service industry in a restaurant or a hotel before and want to extend career training to work on a cruise ship (consider positive)

9. Must pass a test and an interview from a board appointed by the school.

10. When passed the selection Ready to pay for enrollment within April 5, 2022. You can choose to study this year for 5 classes of the year 2022 (from the April-Aug class period).


Interested applicants, please refer to the schedule for the date and time for applying as follows:

March 15-19, 65 (admission period)

20th or 23rd or 26th March 65 (applicants choose 1 day for exam and interview)

Date 30-31 March 65 (notify the result)

April 1-5, 65 (payment and enrollment)


If you're ready, the opportunity has arrived. Don't hesitate.

Hurry up and apply!! Opportunities like this don't come to you often.


4th Floor, Paradise Place, Srinakarin Road, Bangkok

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